About Us

Here you get to read all about us.

Well, maybe not ALL about us — but a few “snapshots”:

We here at Samtiques are a retired couple enjoying our time with family, friends, and trying to do all we can — especially travel — while we’re “young” and healthy! Our children and grandchildren are our special blessings we hold so dear.

Terry’s love of old clocks and pocket watches started him on the path of collecting. Now, he not only collects, he repairs. He is a member of the National Association of Watchmakers and Clockmakers and a local clock Guild.

My love of old glassware, especially depression and pattern glass, started me (Sam) on the path of collecting many years ago. After accumulating so much of it, the collection bug suggested that maybe I should share with others — and Samtiques was formed. How much better can it get — we get to travel and hunt for junk treasures as a part of our business!

When we are at home, we are quite busy:

  • trying to keep the deer from eating all of our newly planted landscape (and sometimes, it’s not just the deer — it’s loose cows)
  • keeping the bird feeders filled for the beautiful cardinals
  • refreshing the water in the bird bath, especially for the painted buntings who appear occasionally
  • planning our next meal (i.e., where to eat out)
  • talking on the phone with our grandkids or picking them up for a night as “middle pig”
  • and so much more . . .

If you feel the need for more info about us, please contact us at sam@samtiques.com — would love to hear from you.

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