What is “STAN,” you ask?

STAN is an acronym for “Sam, Terry, Ann, and Nick” — four friends who like to eat out a lot! In fact, just about every Monday night (when we’re not traveling), we’ve been eating out for the past five years. Rather than go to the “same ole” places, each of us takes a turn to name the restaurant, cafe, tavern, or truck stop for that evening. The acronym was created to help us senior citizens remember whose turn it was to pick that destination. We have been patrons at many eating establishments over the months. After each meal, we would naturally discuss how much we liked the food, the service, the ambiance, etc. Eventually, it occurred to us to create a written restaurant review of some type. Thus, the STAN Restaurant Review card was created. After a meal, we would stay at the restaurant, get out our computer-generated STAN card, and complete it based on the majority vote of the four senior citizens. Then, we would ask for the manager of the establishment and pass on our STAN review card. We have received positive reactions from all — even when our review had a negative or two included.

Our reviews not only rate the food, service, and ambiance. It also includes things important to us when eating out:

  • Is there a section on the menu for Seniors?
  • Is the area we were seated smoke free — as requested? (sitting in a non-smoking section that adjoins a smoking area doesn’t do it for us! Now that our City has inacted a smoking ban, even in bars, this would only apply when we eat out of town.)
  • Do they offer de-caffeinated iced tea? (haven’t found one yet)
  • Is it quiet enough for us to have a conversation? (music is nice, but don’t like an earful)
  • Are the restrooms clean and supplied properly?
  • Would we make a return visit?
  • STAN has not been active since “A” and “N” started an adventure living in their beautiful RV. We miss these times with them, but we plan to renew STAN as soon as they return “HOME.”

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