17 Weeks and 3 Days ‘Til . . .

. . . Christmas, of course! Now, why is that on my mind on a hot summer day in August?

‘Cause I miss our grandkids and look forward to when they have some time off from school. Of course, we are close enough to visit on weekends, but those are treasured days when their little family has some time together. Terry and I will be out of town this weekend, but by next weekend we may just have to make homemade ice cream and bribe them to come over.

I’ve started a list of “How You Know Your Grandkids Have Been Over”:

  • The Hershey’s chocolate syrup can is empty
  • One end of the front porch contains empty glass jars and lids (critter jars)
  • Critters (lizards and grasshoppers mainly) are scarce — still hiding out else they end up in glass jars for the day
  • I step on a loose “bb” or Lego toy in the carpet
  • My eye shadow and other makeup isn’t where I left it
  • A “tad” of green toothpaste is on the bathroom wall, close to the sink
  • Our poodle dog, Beau, has been sleeping a lot more than usual
  • The guest bathtub has a variety of boats and Fisher-Price “Little People” around the edges
  • Our dirty clothes hamper in the guest bath has several changes of clothes in it (McKenna)
  • Mamo is wearing a heavy dose of purple eyeshadow, dark eyebrow pencil, bright lipstick, face powder, and Avon perfume along with several pieces of jewelry (the sparkly ones!)
  • The sugar spoon in the sugar bowl is covered with sugar from someone dipping in for bites.
  • And worst of all — the house is MUCH TOO QUIET!!