“Newfangled” Printer

My “newfangled” Dell “All-in-One” 962 printer is installed and working! I’m very satisfied with my $119 (plus tax, free shipping) printer — at least, so far! My little “oldfangled” Canon S300 printer and Visioneer Scanner have been “retired.” The Canon came “free” with my Sony Vaio computer about 5 years ago — so, it lasted a long time. It was still printing using the color cartridge, but nothing in black. Tried to hang onto it by replacing the printhead, but when I did that, neither cartridge worked! The little Visioneer was a “cheapie” from Sam’s, and it’s still working fine — but I don’t need two scanners. Now, if I can just find that ream of printer paper that I bought last week at Wal-Mart — I know it’s here somewhere!

Beau had to go to the vet today. He is 15 years old and in dog years, that makes him older than most of us. Beau doesn't look 15 years old

Dr. T. took Beau’s temp and said he did have a slight fever — but nothing else obvious to explain his inability to stand or walk. Gave him an antibiotic and cortisone shot, and I brought him home to sleep the rest of the day. Beau’s half-sister, Rory (Woo), was taken home with Paula and Tom the same day we got Beau in April 1990. Woo passed away last week, I am sad to report. Fifteen years with these lovable pets make parting difficult.

Beau fell asleep on the carpet under the dining table as soon as we got home. He seemed to be ok, and I was dressed for Curves — so I headed there to get in my 30 minute workout. Each time you enter, you scan an ID card and your name and the number of times you’ve been there shows up on a little screen. This was my 20th visit — in 10 weeks — not enough! Supposed to go 3x a week — AND supposed to lay off the Blue Bell and chocolate goodies — so, guess that explains why the inches aren’t coming off! I’ll keep “trying.” Someone put it this way re eating fattening goodies . . . “it would have been worse had you eaten those and NOT gone to work out.”

Gas report — $2.99 at the stop-and-go near our house. Yikes!