It’s December?

It can’t be Decembrrrr — we’re in our short-sleeve shirts and shorts and thinking about turning the a/c “on.” But, that’s our Texas Decembers some years.

What happened to all the days since I last posted a blog? Just seems like one big blur — Thanksgiving and Christmas — but what a wonderful one! Having our little family together makes all of these days just so special. What else could you want except their good health and love?

This year’s Christmas tree was decorated by our grandkids — we put the pre-lit tree up for them and then just turned all the boxes with decorations over to them. They had a ball opening up and unwrapping it all — some of the ornaments they recognized from previous years, and some of the Hallmark ornaments are ones that will be theirs to take some day. It didn’t matter that most of the top portion of the tree was pretty bare — it was beautiful. Two clock ornaments were handed to Papo — he had to hang at least those two! Then, three small presents under the tree were opened by the grandkids — they were excited about that even though the gifts were stocking stuffer type things. It’s fun to let them open a gift or two before Christmas — why not spread out the fun a little bit!

We had our “big” Christmas party for family on Christmas Eve — afternoon. Started with some King Ranch casserole, chili, and tamales and then to the stockings and presents under the tree. All had a wonderful time watching each other open their presents.

Christmas Day, Kelby and Holly drove to Houston for time with some of her family. Randy and family came over after some “Santa” time and we had traditional turkey and dressing dinner/supper. Beautiful weather — in 70’s and kids could play outside all day — and did.

Quilting is my passion right now and I love to spend time doing that. It’s McKenna’s quilt time now and out of 48 blocks to make, I have 11 done. Here are a few of her purple and pink blocks that will make her Mumbo Gumbo quilt:

McKennas Mumbo Gumbo Quilt 001

I figure at one a day, maybe I’ll have the piecing portion done by end of January. But, no pressure.

It’s also time to start working out — and eating less! That’s our New Year’s resolution — and it just must be done! One of the best inventions ever was ELASTIC! However, there is a limit to how effective that works, too!

It’s been a really wonderful 2005 — and pray that we’ll continue to have good health and blessings during the New Year. God Bless You, too!