A Belated “April’s Fool”

How silly of me — a belated April’s Fool “wish” to you? Doesn’t make sense, right? Well, why not. I had an AF joke pulled on me the day BEFORE April 1 (seems some folks think all months only have 30 days, except for Febrrruary, as we ALL know). Hope everyone was kind to you that day.

Here to report on our Antique Show in Warrenton. First . . . it WAS GREAT! Many shoppers and more buyers than I expected, after listening to all the gloomy news the past few months. Seems like our antique-ers are not going to let a slow economy keep them away from what they love. Click on our Samtiques link to the right for more info about our business, please.

If you’ve never been to Warrenton during one of the two antique shows each year and if you love antiques — plan to come this Fall! Our booth is in the Cole’s Antiques building at the north end of town. We are only one of about 200 booths — and Mr. and Mrs. Cole only lease space to dealers with “good stuff.” You can spend several hours shopping in our air-conditioned building — free parking next to it and no entry fee to shop!

Then, you might want to check out some of fields, barns, other buildings with vendors who lease space in Warrenton. You can spend a few days there and not see it all. You are wise to wear COMFY shoes, bring lots of bottled water, and wear sunscreen along with a hat. Just remember, however, that prices in the fields are NOT necessarily better than those in our air-conditioned spaces!

A few miles down the road, you can pay to enter a show called Marburger — they have 7 or 8 football field size tents full of goodies. Along each side of the road headed to other little towns — like Round Top, Carmine, Fayetteville, and Shelby– you’ll see more fields full of tents or barns leased out; most are free entry but a couple have paid admission.

Since you will be in Antique Heaven and not want to leave the area — plan to reserve your motel/hotel room or RV spot early.

Hope to see you in the Fall — or come visit one of our booths at the Antique Gallery in Round Rock or the Stanley Theater in Luling.