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Hapi Nu Yr ’08

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It may be, but I’d just as soon write the old-fashioned way.

So, Happy New Year 2008!

The best year’s wish I can give to all is Good Health! It’s a wish that’s priceless and one that is often forgotten until we NEED it. We were reminded of that just before Christmas, when our Melissa had a bit of a scare from an annual exam. Turns out the concern was not cancerous and we are so very thankful.

Going into a New Year usually means new resolutions — to make and probably to break. However, I’m thinking we should not only look forward, but look back to see what worked (or didn’t work) the year before and remember “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

For example, Nick’s fudge. It’s the same wonderful recipe that we get to sample occasionally, and it puts us into bliss. Why would that need to be changed? Well, he didn’t really change it — he just added another rendition . . . pumpkin fudge. As his “official” taste tester, I told him the above quote! I guess some folks like pumpkin flavor in just about anything, and I, too, love the Cheesecake Factory seasonal pumpkin cheesecake. The pumpkin flavor coffee that appears during the fall and winter at various coffee stops is also good. But . . . NOT pumpkin FUDGE. Just my opinion . . . but my friend Betty agrees, so that should be the end of that. In 2008, I resolve to encourage Nick to spend his time and chips on the original recipe.

The scale at my house is NOT USER FRIENDLY! It keeps giving me numbers that are too high — even though all during (part of) last year, I tried to keep the carbs low. I know the problem is with my scale — I lost weight according to other scales I used while traveling away from home. Sure enough, when I used it again the other day the numbers were back up. That just causes more stress on my part . . . which isn’t healthy for me. So, in 2008, I resolve to push the scale at home back underneath the bed and not think about it.

Our clothes’ closet — as if we have MANY other types of closets — is a mess! We each have little paths going into our darkened fabric containers. Been retired for over 7 years, and some of the clothes hanging on my side were classroom bound only–so, why are they still hanging around? Sadly, some never saw the classroom and still have their tags hanging “in the wind.” On Terry’s side . . . there are shirts that go far enough back in time that we recognize them in photos from the 70’s. Now, the pants are another story . . . most of those were outgrown and pitched within the last decade. Not only is it a clothes’ haven . . . our closet has become the place to put anything out of sight that we don’t know what else to do with . . . like books to be read, gifts such as gadgets still in their packaging, boxes we MIGHT need some time to wrap other gifts (even though we always seem to use gift BAGS now), shoes for all occasions and many years worth, keepsakes from our parents’ houses, and most importantly, the oscillating fan to pull out for me whenever a hot flash attacks. In 2008, I do resolve to move some of this clutter mess stash to other places. In other words, we need to DOWNSIZE — that could cover lots of things! However, we all KNOW that if we do, it will probably just reappear in other shapes/forms during this year. So, perhaps I should not worry too much about this resolution.

As a very good procrastinator and excuse-maker — I could put that last sentence to use on just about anything resolved. However, I will make THIS resolution and try very hard to stick by it: to complain less, worry less, love more, be more patient, and encourage others to do the same.

Have a wonderful 2008 —