Tomorrow — the day after April 15

Tomorrow — April 16 — our 51st wedding anniversary!

Last year was the “BIG” FIVE O — and we celebrated in Kauai with Jackie Sue and Gregg. Great memories from that trip and added to the other three times we have visited.

This year — tomorrow — we’re back to “reality.” Terry’s been asked to serve as auctioneer at his local Clock Guild in the morning until 1:00ish. Knowing how these clock buddies like to talk and visit — I’m sure he will not head toward home right away. While he’s away, my mission is to drive our Tundra to a local drop-off site for hazardous waste materials (like paints). It’s a free thing tomorrow only and pretty close by our house. After sleeping late (after all, I am a “Gown Queen”), I’ll make that drive and then come home to await my “Prince.”

Plans? Uh, not making any as of now. Frankly, today’s the first day I’ve even felt like moving very far from the recliner. Bronchitis was the diagnosis on April 6 and since a viral infection, just have to wait it out. Bad stuff–flu like aches and symptoms! Good part was a loss of appetite and weigh about 7 lbs. less than end of March.

So, we will probably stay home and have steak on the grill — Terry’s are better here than ones at $$$$ places. We both are still slow movers after our two weeks at Cole’s Antique Show — amazing how we forgot how much work that takes to set up, keep booth interesting and inviting, sell, sell, sell, and take down what’s left. There are soooo many vendors at this venue, and it is a shopper’s paradise! We had a good show, but we look forward to next spring and to making a few booth changes to bring in more buyers (not just shoppers).

“What’s Your Best Price?”

That’s a question heard often by vendors at antique shows, flea markets, and trade day venues. We “sellers” often kid with each other about how we have to find these treasures (there’s NO 1-800-Antiques), buy at a low enough price to mark up, make repairs as needed, clean or refinish as needed, store items, load up and set up at the retail spot, and then wait for someone to ask how little we’ll take for it. But . . . that’s what we love to do! Why else do it?

“The Hunt” is the fun part! I love to look for the unusual, the piece that will cause others to stop in their tracks, too. That was my thinking when I bought the double ox yoke last month to take to our Cole’s Show recently. Just knew it would be grabbed up by someone with a big ranch-style home and mounted as a fixture from the ceiling and perhaps some lanterns hung from it. My vision didn’t get seen by others . . . yet! So, back to storage it goes.

Love it when a buyer walks in and says “Wow” — I want that! Our early 1900’s “Walkover Shoes” electric sign went that way. And the beautiful old stained glass piece from New Jersey–glass pieces old enough that the buyer recognized them as such and was excited! Collectors of Hall china and Jewel Tea dishes were also happy to find some of their sought-after pieces. Terry’s beautiful clocks were eye-catchers and he loves giving their history and demonstrating how they work. New homes for several of those, too.

We won’t be setting up again this year — phew! it’s hard work! But we are hoping to return to Cole’s for spring 2017 show. Love the vendors there (many who were there with us from 2006) and love visiting with all the shoppers from all across the U.S.

A big thank you to our dear son, Kelby, and grandkids, Keegan and his bride-to-be Toria for helping us so much getting two trucks loaded for the trip to Warrenton. And to Kelby again for making the extra trip there to help us unload! And then another big Thank You to our dear friends, Rita and Jon Behrens, who made a dash to our booth the last move-out day to get loaded for our trip back home. We are blessed!