September – October 2007 in Warrenton, TX

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Fall 2007 — Samtiques booth at Cole’s Antique Show in Warrenton, TX — September 27 to October 7:

Terry and I are enjoying our “new” check-out counter — a 1950-60’s bar. No drinks served here, however.
Terry and Sam--Samtiques

This was our 4th show at Cole’s Antiques in Warrenton, TX. We consider ourselves “charter members” of the Cole Antique Show, even though we had to miss their first show in October 2005 due to family illness. That show was sparsely attended by shoppers, as well as dealers, because of Hurricane Katrina.

During these past four shows, we have met some really nice people as they shopped with us, and many very nice dealers who also set up booths in the building. Folks like:

Joan and Richard have beautiful pottery (my favorite, McCoy):
Joan and Richard

“Miss Dee” — a real sweetheart in the Cole business, and makes great sweets, too!
Miss Dee -- sweet and makes great sweets!

Friends like Betty and Rita don’t come by often — we love them!
Betty, Rita, and me again

And Dennis and Peg have offered much help in getting our booth decor JUST RIGHT!
Dennis Bell and Peg

Penny and Word offer beautiful refinished oak furniture in their booth:
Penny Word, Downs & Company Antiques

Can’t see the “sparkles” (except in Cathy’s eyes), but these folks have some gorgeous jewelry in their booth!
Cathy & Paul Miller, Cathy's Antiques

And Kathy and Wayne have a wonderful selection of Depression glass — they also were very generous to make and hang aisleway signs for the entire building. (Samtiques is located on “Cole’s Avenue.”) They also shared a scrumptious meal with us one evening.
Wayne helping Kathy cook

Sy, Jewelry Lady, with her Sugar on top of the jewelry case — what an attention getter!
Sy Jewelry Lady with Sugar dog

I missed a photo “op” with our other next-door neighbor, Frances Bones — author of two books — The Standard Encyclopedia of American Silverplate (Hardcover) and Fostoria Glassware, 1887-1982: Identification & Values (Hardcover). She can answer just about any question you send her way regarding these two subjects (and more) — and shares her knowledge graciously.

We look forward to the Spring 2008 show —

NEWS — Our Spring 2008 show will open a day earlier than usual — THURSDAY, March 27. We will also close a day earlier — Saturday, April 5. So, come early and shop with us

in an air conditioned building, park free, pay nothing to shop, and use REAL restrooms with running water.

“Heck” — sometimes we even give out free flowers (whether you buy from us or not — gratis Dennis Bell).

New York, New York!

Looking for Antiques/Collectibles? — please click on Samtiques to the right.

Gown Queens First Annual Tour — New York City, October 16 – 20, 2007. What a trip! Six of us retired business teachers hit the town on a Tuesday night and made sure every minute spent there was memorable. All but one of us were new to the City and quickly learned about the hustle and bustle, hailing cabs and limit of 4 riders, Broadway stage doors, Central Park, $1 million apartments, $3 sodas, Today Show rail people, 8 hours on a Tour Bus, Trump everywhere, no coffee pot in Grand Hyatt rooms, and being kicked out of a knock-off store shop space.

Got home with many tales and the desire to return — with more time, more money, and more people to enjoy the trip with us.

By the way — our Gown Queen organizatiion has openings for more members. Our bylaws read like this:

    The members in this respected group of retired professionals is limited to females, or any males who wish to wear gowns to bed.
    The official name of the organization will be “Gown Queens” but for certain printed material may be shortened to “GQ.”

    The members will refrain from bragging to non-retirees about our activities (or inactivity).
    The most important (and only) rule of this organization is that Gown Queens cannot allow themselves to feel quilty or to let anyone else in their household place ANY guilt upon them for staying in their gown as long as is deemed necessary by that GQ.
    It is highly recommended that should any Gown Queen feel it necessary to get out of their gown before noon on more than 4 days of any week, rehabilitation be requested by the more experienced GQ’s as soon as possible.
    The days that the GQ meet for lunch are exempt from the above “day count.”
    Gown Queens are encouraged to report their gown activity to each other at various events, with discretion, of course.
    Should a smoke alarm or fire alarm go off while you are in GQ mode, it is advised that you throw on a robe before going outside to escape harm.