Thankful Time

‘Tis the season for thanksgiving 2008. So many things cross my mind as I think about what to be thankful for — and, as most folks my age might say, health comes to mind first. It’s a gift that is often taken for granted . . . . Of course, my family is high on the thankful list as well! How blessed we are to have our children and grandchildren! Our friends are very important to us, and many are like family. More blessings and reasons to say “thank you, God.” And then, I ponder what might my life had been like had I been born in some other country. I am very thankful to be in these United States of America — and even better, TEXAS — where we have so many freedoms, privileges, and opportunities. No. 1 in that group would be the freedom to worship as we wish.

When my Dad was still with us, we started a tradition of writing down our thoughts each Thanksgiving onto a white tablecloth. I treasure those notes on that cloth now and those memories of this holiday with him. I am thankful to the person who suggested this practice to me. As I make a sweet potato pie tomorrow, I will be thinking more of him and how much he loved that recipe. Now, Terry says that’s the pie he’d like — so, Dad made a sweet potato pie fan out of him — and also Melissa.

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday — love the food, the gathering of family and friends, and the fall season. It is my wish that all of you will have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Oh . . . and, of course, that the Texas Longhorns will be victorious against the Aggies. I claim Colt McCoy as one of our McCoy relatives — he’s just the best!

Again, Happy Thanksgiving!