What happened to “winter”?

Winter missed us this year!  Some folks in the north might say — “yea, for you.”  But we’d like a little cold weather (for a brief spell) just to help keep the bug population down in the coming months — that should scare some of you from wanting to move here . . . .

Been a long time between posts — I’m sure that Facebook has a lot to do with that — not that I’m on FB all the time, but once there, I usually just shut ‘er down and forget about my dear Samtiques site.

However, now is the time to get the word out — we are setting up at Cole’s Antique Show in Warrenton for the spring show — March 24 – April 3.  If you’ve never checked out this huge area full of great treasures, please put it on your calendar!  Warrenton and Round Top (perhaps better known nationally) are just a few miles apart — many vendors at both places — in tents in the fields, in old and new buildings put up just for the show twice a year!   Within 20 miles, there are small towns with the same thing going on — shopping, music, food . . . .

Hopefully, the link below will work — a video taken at Warrenton — gives a great overview of what you will see there.  Bring cash or credit card, bottled water, comfy shoes, an umbrella, a sun bonnet or hat, and maybe a light-weight jacket, just in case it cools off (not likely!)

Come to Cole’s (at the north end of Warrenton) and stop by our booth — it’s close to the restrooms (yes, running and hot water); also the building is a/c and parking is free . . . and NO CHARGE to come in and shop (unlike Marburger Farms).  Terry will have a wall full of restored old clocks — and I’ve found some very neat primitives (need an ox yoke?  oh, yes . . . and it’s a “double”!)


HOPE to see you!