A few of my favorite things . . .

in addition to my wonderful family and friends, that is . . .

– Josh Turner and his song, “Your Man.” Oh, swoon . . .

– The 18 wheeler that was able to stop behind us on IH 35 during a hail storm when suddenly every car in front of us came to an unexpected halt.

– Rabies tags that can be used to trace a dog’s owner — found a small white poodle near the highway and was able to help her back home.

– Symphony candy bars, especially in the middle of a brownie with Eagle Brand milk baked on top.

– Doctors who don’t make you wait — after all, our time is valuable, too.

– Estate sales that are not run by an estate sale company.

– Garage sales that could be estate sales.

– Rain, especially the slow kind.

– TV shows that must be taped if I’m not at home, i.e., Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, American Idol, Nashville Star, and The Apprentice (probably will be my last season on this one).

— Paula Deen’s cooking show — she is a “hoot” to watch and has some really good recipes to try. She got away with saying “oh crap” on national tv when she thought her baked potato dish had burned.

— The Warrenton/Round Top Antique Show — starts next week! We’ll be there — come see us at Cole’s Antiques in Warrenton.

Been A While!

After some weeks of “health issues” that some of our dear family and friends have been facing, I just want to thank all who have had them in their prayers. Prayers have been answered for Keegan, Gene, Uncle Harold, Aunt Pink, Kenny, and Leslie’s sister Linda–they have been returned to their good health–and Jennifer and Richard’s baby girl arrived 5 weeks early but she is healthy and doing great. Prayers for Jan and Carol have also been answered — both are receiving encouraging treatment and we will continue to ask for their cancer-free body.

Our “retired” life is not exactly what I had pictured. As all who are retired will tell you, it seems that “we are busier now than ever before.” And . . . that is GOOD! I can’t imagine just sitting around flipping channels on the remote all day long. My daddy told me when I retired that “now, you will have time to go to the doctor’s office and wait.” I laughed. And so far, we’ve not had to go there THAT often, but it’s nice to know we can take appointments just about any time. However, I do try to decline EARLY appointments — like . . . before 10 a.m. That interfers with my “recline time.”

I’m also trying to work into my busy schedule a work-out at Curves three times a week. Supposed to be there right now, as a matter of fact. But, I’m waiting to make a bid as late as possible on an ebay item; so Curves will be this afternoon. I finally decided that these extra inches and pounds are not going away without some exercise and perhaps a watch over what I intake. That’s the hard part! One of the women at this Curves establishment is pictured in a huge poster on the wall with “Biggest Loser” below it — 78 lbs. I met her the other day and asked what else she did to lose that much — just couldn’t believe it was all in the Curves exercise program. The answer was what I feared: she watched what she ate, went to Curves three times a week, and walked 2-3 miles each of the other days. That leads me to this quote received in my inbox recently:

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways – beer Coke in one hand – chocolate in the other – body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “Whoo what a ride.”

But, it’s so discouraging to go into my closet and be limited to my choice of clothes because of the “fit factor.” So, I’ll continue to try to do something about that. (And I don’t mean buy up another size!)

Cannot believe the weather we had this “winter.” Think we ran our a/c more than we did our heater. While this might be great in places like Hawaii, I’d just as soon have some of the freezing temps as is usual just to get rid of the little crawly creatures that inhabit our area . . . namely, things like scorpions. Not sure that the freezing temps really kill them out — think they just hibernate like bears. For those of you who don’t really know about our scorpions — they are not life threatening, but their sting (and you are lucky if they pop you only once with their tail) does hurt like a wasp sting. Then they run off fast and you have to go find them while burning with pain. They, unlike some wasps, do not die after stinging you. And the pest control companies will not guarantee their work regarding controlling scorpions — so, all that spray you pay for and inhale may not keep them away for more than a couple of weeks, if that. Surely God created these creatures for some purpose other than to torment us — anyone know anything GOOD about scorpions? If not, they are definitely the one thing I would love to change about Texas! Otherwise, it’s perfect . . . well, except for August, maybe.