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Just because nothing has been posted since August doesn’t mean I’m dead! The only explanation is “I’m retired.”

It’s a FACT — retirement means that you will find yourself busier than ever and wonder how you ever had time to work! Of course, the neat thing about this time “problem” is . . . you do whatever you WANT to do, for the most part . . . or at least do it on your own schedule. For example, I will not allow a receptionist to schedule a dr. appt. for me until after 9:30, preferably 10:00. If it’s across town, add an hour!

So what’s up for the last few months? Well, of course, there was this “little” show we set up at in Warrenton for ten days in September-October. Our location at Cole’s Antiques Show is very good — getting more traffic as folks hear about how us. We hear compliments often — how wonderful all of the booths are and they are going to come to this building FIRST next time. Not only are the items for sale of high quality, the building is A/C and we have indoor bathrooms, with running water. Can’t beat all of that — and all for FREE! So much for the advertisement. . . . We did have a very good show (and our booth looked great thanks to help from Kelby, Betty and Karen). Met some neat people and striked up a new friendship with Rita and Jon across the aisle from us. They reside in South Dakota, but she’s a “Louisiana Girl” without doubt, great fun.

After two weeks at Warrenton, we came home to unpack and catch our breath. Then headed out about five days later for a visit with family in Iowa. The trip was extra special because Kelby joined us. Holly’s new job hasn’t allowed her to take vacation days yet. Along the way we stopped at a really nice auction in Cedar Falls, Iowa — a suggestion from Rita and Jon. They were there also, but learned that Rita had been hospitalized the day they arrived. She was released a couple of days later and happy about that.

Our visit with Terry’s mom and family was great, as always. The Amana Colonies nearby offers a great choice of German restaurants and shopping. We always plan a breakfast trip there and as usual, left with FULL tummies — delicious thin pancakes, sausage and bacon, pan fried potatoes, eggs pan fried, fruit, juice, coffee, and surely something else. All so good.

We also shopped for goodies to bring home for our booths — and filled the truck doing that! Almost had to leave our luggage at the Metzger’s house — no room.

Arrived home the end of October, and we turned around again a few days later for a short trip to the Bugh’s. Betty and I went to the International Quilt Show in Houston one day — the guys let us out at the front door of the convention center and headed out for “guy” shops. It was my first time to any quilt show, and my what a show! Not sure how many vendors were in the 20 LONG rows — but it took us several hours to go down 15 of them. The quilt exhibit was another couple of hours — and what magnificent quiltwork and artwork! Saw the $10,000 winner and couldn’t believe it was only her third quilt. Wow!

Thanksgiving was at our house — Randy and family joined us; Kelby and Holly went to some of her family in Houston. We didn’t eat until late afternoon, but enjoyed it all very much. Need to note that the new dressing recipe I used makes enough for several families!

Forgot to mention that we have had an empty rent house since October and have been spending quite a bit of time there fixing it up to sell. Hoping that the Open House scheduled for this Sunday will attract THE buyer!

Also in September our Keegan turned 12! It’s just hard to believe that little boy is growing up so fast. Then a few days later, McKenna celebrated her 7th — and sadly we were not at home for either celebration. Brielle had a celebration in November — no, not a birthday — her braces were removed. What a beautiful smile she has — a beautiful girl.

Now, here it is the end of November and some folks have already decorated their house and yard for Christmas. Well, Terry and I are still thinking about that — and remembering that the year we couldn’t get to our Christmas decorations at the back of the shed, we had as good a Christmas as any other (put lights on a 6′ artificial plant). Maybe we will put up something this year though.