Welcome Travis Rebels!

Thank you for checking out my website — even if it’s been a “while” since I’ve updated it! My goodness . . . where DOES the time go when you’re retired? Anyone else experiencing this problem?

Of course, in this business . . . the older the better. OK, I can’t get away with that as an excuse either. It’s just so hard to take time out to work on the website when there’s so much more to be done — like, go hunt for MORE junk treasures. You know, what may be “junk” to one person is a “treasure” to another!

We are on the road again — this time headed to Iowa on a buying trip and to see relatives (as time permits). Terry has plans to attend a national clock show in Missouri while we’re in the area, and he’s hoping to find more to add to his collection or for resale. And . . . no, we do NOT keep all of the clocks wound up and chiming in our house. In fact, if I want to know the time, it’s easier to check out the digital clock on my oven or the cable tv set.

So good to hear from several of you through emails — thank you, Billie Sue, for making all of these contacts possible! And yet, how sad it is to learn about several of our classmates who have passed away recently. My sympathy goes to the family of all those.

One person who was reported as deceased at our 40th reunion seems NOT to be — Martha Morris. Martha, if you’re reading this . . . please contact me! I’m SO wanting to hear from you again!

Can’t wait to see all of you at our 50th — meanwhile, I have pounds to lose or else a better place to shop for BIG Women’s clothes! Any suggestions?
Put your hand down, Jerry . . . . 🙂